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Wealthlandnews May 14, 2022
Updated 2022/05/14 at 7:56 PM

After he faces Mayweather
Don Moore has expressed his belief that he has what it takes to become the first ever boxer to defeat the legendary Floyd Mayweather, after which he’d like to take on Jake Paul.
He’ll face former sparring partner Mayweather in an exhibition fight that will take place on the helipad of Dubai’s Burj Al Arab Hotel on Saturday and, if he beats Mayweather, he then wants to take on YouTube-star-turned-boxer Jake Paul.
“I would then like to fight Jake Paul in Nigeria,” Moore told Betway Insider US.
“I’m focused on this fight first. But after this fight, I will show the world that Jake is just a YouTuber. He’s interested in the business of boxing, but he’s no boxer.
“I’m a real fighter. I’m a real champ and not pretending. Fight me.
“You’re fighting other guys. They’re not real boxers. You never fought a real boxer. So fight me.
“I want to fight Jake Paul and that’s easy work for me. I want to show everybody that he’s just a YouTuber, and that you can’t play boxing.”
For now, though, the focus is on this duel with Mayweather, who didn’t lose any of his 50 professional bouts.
“I’m going to stay on Mayweather‘s chest and it’s going to be toe to toe action,” Moore said.
“This is an exhibition, but he’s trained hard, I’ve trained hard.
“We’re going to give the fans a great fight, a great performance. It’s going to be toe to toe in the centre of the ring.
“Pure boxing. You’re going to see similar styles. You’re going to see ferociousness from both fighters.
“This is unfinished business. Floyd knows I’m a problem and he can be beaten like any other fighter.
“I’m humble but I’m also a fighter, so this is business not personal.
“I can be the first man to beat Floyd Mayweather. I have the blueprint.
Roger Mayweather, Floyds‘ uncle, prepared me to beat anyone.
“My style of fighting and what I do in the ring, nobody has seen, because I haven’t had that perfect opportunity to showcase my talent.
“But, now I’m blessed to be able to fight in Dubai and showcase the talent that I have, showcase the undefeated fighter that I am against Floyd Mayweather in front of the whole world.
“It’s going to be action packed. Don’t go get no popcorn. Don’t blink.”




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