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Wealthlandnews May 20, 2022
Updated 2022/05/20 at 8:48 AM

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The Facebook-owned, world-favourite social media messenger app WhatsApp is having troubles with some of its very important features. It has been observed that the users of this application are unable to check each other’s Last Seen, moreover, they cannot even spot if someone is Online or Offline in it. These were some of the most promising features that users adore the most but as soon as they stopped functioning, users started reporting it on other social media.
Did anyone Suddently stopped seeing last seen of his contacts and Also it doesn’t show they are online anymore. And when you check last seen u find out that it was automatically turned to be Nobody. But when you try to change it you receive this error. #whatsapp @WhatsApp pic.twitter.com/L52DTHIlBV
A leading website outage detector portal, Down Detector, spotted an increase in the number of reports such as “WhatsApp Last Seen down,” “WhatsApp Server Down,” “WhatsApp Down in India,” and more. The microblogging social media hub, Twitter was filled with such displeased tweets. However, the outage detector portal explicitly revealed that 67 per cent of the users reported such issues about the WhatsApp Last Seen not showing on their smartphones. 
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Down Detector also says that 26 per cent of the users have complained about connection issues and 6 per cent of the reports revealed errors with users trying to login to the app. So in all, it seems that there was a huge glitch that happened for WhatsApp users recently. The users of this application believed that something is wrong with the WhatsApp privacy settings as the Last Seen visibility feature of WhatsApp has now been switched to Nobody without any prior command given by them. However, the most annoying thing is that it cannot be changed. 
As per the outage detector, this issue major occurred in countries such as the US, UK, Europe, and parts of Asia including India and Singapore. A similar issue had occurred back in the month of April. Nevertheless, WhatsApp has not yet replied to any of the tweets that reported WhatsApp Last Seen down problems. But, it is believed that the problem will be resolved soon. Many users tweeted that they can see when someone comes online and now they only have problems with WhatsApp Last Seen and ‘Typing’. Below are some funny reactions to WhatsApp Last Seen not showing problems:
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“Last seen, typing, and online” removed.

Me on #WhatsApp right now : pic.twitter.com/PIKWR7exFs
Girls when they see that their bfs last seen and online status on WhatsApp have gone before they realise it’s a glitch pic.twitter.com/yeoCbYr93T
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Me explaining to my girl that just because she can’t see my last seen or whether I’m online or not doesn’t mean I’m cheating#WhatsApp pic.twitter.com/bFSrtuXrWh
Girls not being able to see their boyfriends last seen or status on #WhatsApp pic.twitter.com/o66KbnBHxX
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Last seen and other activities not visible due to #WhatsApp being down.

Possessive Boyfriends right now : pic.twitter.com/VOHim2I1ok
That person who stalks everyone’s last seen and online status in WhatsApp right now#WhatsAppDown pic.twitter.com/T0uhMFfu3B


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