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Wealthlandnews May 21, 2022
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The drama and real estate are equally fun to watch on Netflix’s popular reality series Selling Sunset, and these memes are hilarious and perfect.
All five seasons of Selling Sunset have featured dramatic feuds and amazing real estate deals, but season 5 has been particularly intense. Chrishell and Jason’s relationship was the focus of the 10 episodes, along with their decision about whether to stay together and start a family or split up. Fans are saddened to hear about their break-up and wonder what season 6 will bring.
Like other reality shows, Selling Sunset has inspired fans to make some hilarious memes, and the best ones talk about Christine’s sense of style, the expensive houses that the cast members sell their clients, and some of the drama that viewers are used to seeing.
selling sunset is unmatched
Season 5 of Selling Sunset saw Heather and Christine trying to make up and get their friendship back to where it used to be. In one dramatic scene, the two cast members met up at a restaurant and Heather tried to show Christine that her words and actions have hurt the others.
The meeting didn’t go super well, as every time Heather was real and honest, Christine made a joke, and this meme sums up what this interaction was like. By the time that Christine made fun of their shoes, Heather could tell that this wasn’t going anywhere.
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There have been some huge arguments on Selling Sunset, and whether the cast members are fighting with each other, excited over having made a big sale, or sharing good and bad personal news, they always have very expressive faces.
This meme is the perfect way to explain the many moods that people experienced in 2020, using screenshots of Heather, Christine, Davina, and Chrishell’s faces when hearing something amazing or shocking.
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Season 3 of Selling Sunset discussed Chrishell’s divorce, Christine and Mary’s falling out, and also showed Heather and Amanza working together.
This meme hilariously ties together Selling Sunset and The Real Housewives of Orange County, showing a clip of Shannon talking about someone “stirring the pot” and creating drama. Fans love watching Amanza as she’s a loyal and kind person, but none of the cast members on the reality show can help wanting to talk about what’s going on.
Vanessa in every scene of #SellingSunset
When fans reacted to season 4 of Selling Sunset, they eagerly watched the new dynamic in the office as Vanessa and Emma joined the cast.
Vanessa shared her serious long-distance romance with Nick in season 5, and in season 4, she and Christine bonded. As this meme says, Vanessa did want everyone to get along and would often talk to the other cast members about whether they could mend fences with Christine.
There are a lot of moments on Selling Sunset that aren’t easy for fans to relate to, from the expensive real estate that the agents sell (and own) to the designer clothing that they wear to the beautiful trips that they take.
This meme hilariously sums up a scene when Emma shared that travels a lot for work and uses a private plane, and Maya said that she buys economy tickets to save money. This was a small but important moment that viewers appreciated.
Some of the best Selling Sunset memes are about the amazing real estate on the show. It’s fun seeing all of the houses that the cast members are focused on selling. All five seasons of the show have included incredible homes along with sweeping views and in many cases, amazing infinity pools. The houses often have cool features, from fancy bathrooms to epic kitchens and movie theaters.
This meme is funny and true as it’s hard not to get caught up in the fancy and expensive real estate market shown and think that the higher priced properties are nicer.
Christine Quinn will forever be the mood looool #SellingSunset
Christine is one of the most well-known cast members and responsible for many of the best Selling Sunset quotes. In season 5 in particular, Christine would sit in the office in several scenes with a bored or annoyed look on her face, something that this meme captures perfectly.
By the end of season 5, when fans learned that Christine’s time at the Oppenheim Group might be growing short, and on her Twitter account, Christine recently announced that she has started her own company.
Me looking & judging these beautiful properties on #SellingSunset like I can afford any.
While watching the first few episodes of season 1, many viewers likely felt that the homes being shown were incredibly expensive. But after fans became invested in the show, they likely had the same experience that this meme is describing: having strong opinions about these houses even though they are really pricey.
The agents are so knowledgable and their comments on how to renovate a home to make it an even better investment, from moving a kitchen and pool to creating an incredible outdoor oasis, are fascinating to hear about.
“i watch selling sunset for the plot”
the plot: #SellingSunset
The most dramatic Selling Sunset moments are what keep viewers coming back, as there are several fights in each season that are hard to look away from. But, of course, it’s enjoyable seeing the incredible houses.
From Chrishell showing Simu Lu an amazing mansion in season 4 to Emma working with Micah to sell a gorgeous renovated property in season 5, there is no shortage of gorgeous homes for fans to swoon over.
Christine from Selling Sunset dresses like everyday is the Met Gala and the theme is Broadway’s WICKED
Christine is one of the boldest cast members and also one of the most fashionable. Whenever Christine walks into a room, people look to see what outfit she has on.
This meme gets Christine’s style right, as she does often look like she’s dressed for a big event like the Met Gala, and she always has something fabulous on, from a colorful coat to a show-shopping dress. In one memorable scene, Christine even carried a tiny purse that looked like a chair.
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