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Wealthlandnews May 21, 2022
Updated 2022/05/21 at 11:33 AM

Amid abortion rights causing a flutter in the United States, World Health Organization (WHO) chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has warned that restricting access to abortion will lead to unhealthy and unsafe procedures. In other news, Beijing has halted public transport operations as the city grapples with a surge in Covid cases.
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‘Access to safe abortion saves lives’: WHO chief comments amid row
According to the draft, the majority of the conservative-controlled Supreme Court bench are in favour of banning abortions. The supreme court has a 6-3 majority of deeply conservative justices.

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Not storming Azovstal steel plant, says Russia amid strikes on Mariupol
After Ukraine said Russian forces had launched a powerful assault on the Azovstal steel plant, Kremlin denied Russia was storming the plant.The Russian army had said earlier that its forces were using artillery and planes to target Azovstal.
PM Modi’s intricate gifts to Crown Prince Fredrik of Denmark & Sweden’s PM Magdalena Andersson
PM Narendra Modi gifted Pashmina stole in a Papier Mache box from J&K to Sweden’s PM Magdalena Andersson as he attended the second India-Nordic summit in Denmark.
After abortion, US Supreme Court may go after contraception, same-sex marriage, say experts
With speculations rife that the US Supreme Court may reverse the Roe v Wade verdict after a draft of the order went viral, legal experts now opine that other laws related to marriage, sexuality and family life, including access to contraception, might see an overhaul.
Severe Covid infection may affect thinking similar to 20 years of ageing: Study
It is already known that Covid infection affects physical as well as mental health. But a new study suggests that cognitive impairment caused due to severe Covid infection may be equal to drop of 10 IQ points.
Beijing halts public transport amid Covid outbreak in China
With Beijing now facing the scourge of resurgent COVID-19 virus, the officials have decided to halt public transport in the capital city to avoid Shanghai’s fate where millions of residents have been under strict lockdown for over a month.
Boria Majumdar-Wriddhiman Saha text row: Journalist faces the wrath, banned for two years by BCCI
Following India’s Test squad announcement for the Sri Lanka home series, Saha revealed that a senior journalist was asking him for an interview and also threatened him after he didn’t entertain his messages.
Amber Heard suffered from intimate partner violence, claims new psychologist 
A week after a forensic psychologist hired by Johnny Depp’s legal team claimed that Amber Heard had no signs of post-traumatic stress disorder, another psychologist testified in court and claimed that the actress indeed suffered from PTSD.
Despite the Ukraine war, Russian gas supplies to China soar by 60% in 2022: Report
Even as energy shipments to Europe remain uncertain due to ongoing hostilities, Russian energy giant Gazprom declared a large increase in exports on Sunday.
Operation CuckooBees: Notorious Chinese hackers took trillions of dollars from about 30 companies
Researchers have revealed a sophisticated Winnti cyber attack that makes use of Windows systems in a “rarely observed” method.

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