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Wealthlandnews May 23, 2022
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Happy World Password Day! Every year the first Thursday of May is celebrated as World Password Day, which means this year the day will be observed on May 5. The purpose of this day is to spread awareness about password protection and good habits related to it. BUT what it majorly reminds us is of our godforsaken memory that is filled with unnecessary song lyrics fed to us via Instagram reels but definitely not one important password.  Shame. Ask us millennials about our banking passwords? Nah nothing. But I got my peaches out in Georgia by Justin Bieber? A song that people are using to make useless reels like there is no tomorrow? We know THAT by heart. Well, maybe that’s the reason fate brought you to this post. We have for you the funniest memes and jokes about passwords that will have you ROFLing on the floor!
On a serious note, however, passwords are the watchdogs of our digital world and give us security as we use modern facilities like online banking, shopping and social media sites. If you feel that the best your creativity brings out is @123 after any random words to make for a new password, you can make your password habits better by visiting the official website of World Password Day.  Many people also turn on multi-factor authentication for their important accounts. If you are wondering about the history of World Password Day, you must know that security researcher Mark Burnet was the first to inspire people to celebrate Password Day through his book Perfect Passwords which was released in 2005. Impressed by this idea, Intel Security took the initiative and announced to celebrate the first Thursday of May in 2013 as World Password Day. Well, now that you know that we have for you the most hilarious password memes and jokes:



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Every. Effin. Time.



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Reality Check



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Relatable AF



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Hilarious, aren’t they? As soon as you hear the word “password”, many kinds of words and symbols come to mind, but passwords have not been used only in this form. Passwords have been used ever since the desire to keep something “secret” arose in the human mind. Besides, their use in wars is very old. The “shibboleth incident” is mentioned in the twelfth chapter of the Book of Judges of the Bible when it comes to the people of Western civilization. Well, there is so much to learn about passwords but before we get to that, try memorising all your current passwords for real!
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