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Wealthlandnews May 28, 2022
Updated 2022/05/28 at 10:25 AM

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As the Russian forces have embarked on a major military operation to seize significant parts of southern and eastern Ukraine following their failure to capture Kyiv, Zelenskyy criticised the renewed assaults in the port city of Mariupol on the Sea of Azov. It is a key target because of its strategic location near the Crimea Peninsula, which Russia seized from Ukraine in 2014.
“All the leaders of the free world know what Russia has done to Mariupol. And Russia will not go unpunished for this,” Zelenskyy said in his nightly video address. He warned that Russia was “gathering additional forces for new attacks against our military in the east of the country.”
Limited evacuations from the city took place on Saturday, but the details had been unclear given the number of parties involved in the negotiations and the volatile situation on the ground. The Russian Defense Ministry said a total of 46 people, a group of 25 and another numbering 21, were evacuated from areas near the Azovstal plant.
Source: Associated Press
Dmytro Kuleba, Ukraine’s minister of foreign affairs has called for an EU wide embargo on the import of Russian oil, also urging for the Ukraine to be granted EU candidate status.
I spoke with @JosepBorrellF on the next round of EU sanctions on Russia which must include an oil embargo. I also emphasized there can be no alternative to granting Ukraine EU candidate status. We paid separate attention to further safe evacuation from besieged Mariupol.

A long-awaited effort to evacuate people from a steel plant in the Ukrainian city of Mariupol was underway Sunday, the United Nations said, while U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi revealed she visited Ukraine’s president to show unflinching American support for the country’s defense against Russian aggression. UN humanitarian spokesman Saviano Abreu told The Associated Press that the operation to bring people out of the sprawling Azovstal steel plant was being done with the International Committee for the Red Cross and in coordination with Ukrainian and Russian officials.
As many as 100,000 people are believed to still be in blockaded Mariupol, including up to 1,000 civilians who were hunkered down with an estimated 2,000 Ukrainian fighters beneath the Soviet-era steel plant – the only part of the city not occupied by the Russians. Abreu called the situation “very complex” and would not give further details. Like other evacuations, success of the mission in Mariupol depended on Russia and its forces in a long series of checkpoints before reaching Ukrainian ones.
People who have fled Russian-occupied areas have at times described their vehicles being fired on. Ukrainian officials have repeatedly accused Russian forces of shelling evacuation routes on which the two sides had agreed.
Source: Associated Press
Ukraine as soon as possible. Blinken made the comment while speaking to Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba. An overnight statement Sunday said Blinken told Kuleba that America “plans to return to Kyiv as soon as possible.”
Blinken said diplomats had been making “initial visits” to Lviv to prepare. The US evacuated its embassy in Kyiv in February just before Russia launched its war on the country. The US had been bringing diplomats across the Polish border each day to work in Lviv, a city in western Ukraine, before stopping the practice. Lviv has largely been spared in the conflict, though a missile strike several days ago targeted a railroad facility near the city. The US is one of Ukraine’s main backers in the war, providing billions in aid and weaponry.
Credit: AP
European Commission president, Ursula von der Leyen, has said that EU could phase out Russia’s oil imports by the end of the year as a draft proposal is being discussed. The plan is to “find a clever solution that would hit Russia as much as possible and avoid a price hike that would harm European consumers,” an EU diplomat tells Guardian newspaper. German Economy Minister Robert Habeck this week had said in an interview with public broadcaster ZDF that Berlin would not stand in the way of EU’s oil embargo on Russia but expressed skepticism and warned of the repercussions, stating that such a move could hit EU’s own economy. 
Credit: AP
A fire is rpeorted to have broke out in Russian Defense Ministry’s facility on the border region of Belgorod, Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov reported via his Telegram channel on Sunday, according to Tass. 
“A fire broke out on the territory of one of the facilities of the Russian Defense Ministry on the border of three municipalities, the Borisovsky and Belgorodsky regions and the Yakovlevsky city district. The information about the injured and the damage is being found out,” he wrote.
Response teams were spotted on the site to contain the disaster and ensure security, Gladkov added. It wasn’t immediately clear what caused it. Borisovsky and Belgorodsky regions on the south of Russia’s Belgorod Region border on Ukraine’s Kharkov Region. 
Ukrainian armed forces provided an update on estimated Russian losses in the conflict saying that nearly 23,500 Russian soldiers have been killed since the invasion. Of these, at least 300 more were reported to have lost life on Saturday. Russia has lost two aircraft more, pushing total to 192, and at least18 tanks in the last 24 hours alone.
Втрати ворога в інфографіці 👇@armyinformcomua

#Ukrainian Armed Forces inflicted new strikes on Snake Island

“Three Strela-10 anti-aircraft missile systems and a communication vehicle were destroyed,” the Southern operational command said in a statement.

Also reported on the loss of personnel of the #Russian troops.

Ukraine has claimed to have destroyed at least nine aerial targets of the Russian Air Force in the past 24 hours. According to The Kyiv Independent, the Ukrainian Air Force Command stated that it destroyed seven Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and two SU-25s. Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy claimed that Russia had lost over 1,000 tanks, around 200 planes and 2,500 infantry fighting vehicles since the beginning of the war on February 24. He also stated that more weaponry and rockets will be employed against Ukraine despite Russia’s enormous losses. 
Read full report here
Russian Ministry of Defence (MoD) on Sunday accused the Ukrainian nationalists of mining the Nikolaevsky reservoir dam in the Marganets city of Dnepropetrovsk Oblast. Colonel-General Mikhail Mizintsev, chief of the National Defense Control Center of the Russian Federation, claimed that the Ukrainian nationalists intend to blow up the dam and pin the blame on Russian troops for the disaster, Sputnik reported. He further stated that the dam’s explosion might lead to huge floods, potentially affecting more than 45,000 people.
Read full report here
‼️Head of the #Kharkiv regional administration, Oleg Sinegubov, recommends city’s residents not to leave their homes throughout the day because of the intense shelling of the northern and eastern districts of the city, particularly #Saltovka.

Russian “cyber soldiers” have launched a new offensive against foreign leaders, targeting social media platforms with a large-scale disinformation campaign that seeks to legitimize the invasion of Ukraine, according to research funded by the U.K.
Paid operatives working from a factory in St. Petersburg use the Telegram messaging app to recruit and coordinate supporters who then flood the social media accounts of Kremlin critics with comments supporting Russian President Vladimir Putin and the war in Ukraine, the UK Foreign Office said Sunday.
The so-called troll factory has developed new techniques to avoid detection by social media platforms, posting comments and amplifying pro-Kremlin content created by legitimate users rather than creating its own content, the Foreign Office said. Traces of its activity have been found on eight social media platforms, including Telegram, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok.
Source: Associated Press
Ukraine’s militry has warned that Russia might carry out a missile attack from the territory of Belarus. Spokesperson of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Oleksandr Shtupun said on Telegram that Russian troops have been reinforcing equipment and in Slobozhansk area of Kharkiv region. They have recently installed 300 weaponry units and have also mobilized1,000 fighters from the breakaway territories of Donetsk and Luhansk. 
“For the purpose of air defence of the advancing troops in four specific areas, the enemy deployed two anti-aircraft missile divisions armed with the Buk-M2 air defence system and the Tor-M air defence system,” Shtupun wrote. 
Some women and children were evacuated from a steel plant that is the last defensive stronghold in the bombed-out ruins of the port city of Mariupol, a Ukrainian official and Russian state news organizations said, but hundreds are believed to remain trapped with little food, water or medicine.
The United Nations was working to broker an evacuation of the up to 1,000 civilians living beneath the sprawling Soviet-era Azovstal plant after numerous previous attempts failed. Ukraine has not said how many fighters are also in the plant, the only part of Mariupol not occupied by Russian forces, but Russia put the number at about 2,000. An estimated 100,000 civilians remain in the city.
UN humanitarian spokesperson Saviano Abreu said the world organization was negotiating with authorities in Moscow and Kyiv, but he could not provide details of the ongoing evacuation effort “because of the complexity and fluidity of the operation.”
Credit: AP
Source: Associated Press
Russian Duma Chairman Vyacheslav Volodin has said that Russia must start confiscating the West properties in a retaliatory move after EU and West seized assets and properties of Russia’s oligarchs. Russia has labelled the seizure of the property as “theft”.
“It is right to take mirror measures towards businesses in Russia whose owners come from unfriendly countries where such measures were taken: confiscate these assets,” Volodin has said on his Telegram channel.

US House speaker Nancy Pelosi was presented with the order of Princess of Olga medal by Ukraine’s president Zelenskyy as a gesture to strengthen the bilateral ties between US and Ukraine. Zelesnkyy has shown courage, said pelosi while accepting the honour at the press conference. She praised him for a “masterclass of leadership”.
Credit: AP
US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a California Democrat who became the second major American official from Bien administraion to visit Ukraine since Russia’s invasion has said that her visit was aimed at sending an “unmistakable and resounding message to the entire world: America stands firmly with Ukraine.” 
Our Congressional Delegation was honored to meet with @ZelenskyyUa in Kyiv to salute his leadership and courage, to commend the Ukrainian people for their outstanding defense of Democracy and to say that we are with you until victory is won.
“Our meeting with President Zelenskyy began with him thanking the United States for the substantial assistance that we have provided,” said Pelosi at the press conference in Poland.
“He [Zeelenskyy] conveyed the clear need for continued security, economic and humanitarian assistance from the United States to address the devastating human toll taken on the Ukrainian people by Putin’s diabolic invasion,” she said. 
“Our [US] delegation proudly delivered the message that additional American support is on the way, as we work to transform President Biden’s strong funding request into a legislative package,” said Pelosi. Our delegation conveyed our respect and gratitude to President Zelenskyy for his leadership and our admiration of the Ukrainian people for their courage in the fight against Russia’s oppression,” she added. 
In this image released by the Ukrainian Presidential Press Office Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, third from right, and US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, third from left, talk during their meeting in Kyiv, Ukraine. Credit: AP
Credit: AP
Credit: AP
In a press conference held in Poland after her visit to Ukraine, US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi asseretd that she is determined to help Ukraine prevail in the face of the Russian agression. She further added that Washington will continue to supply weapons to the Ukrainian to fight for their soverienity. Her remarks came after Russia’s MoD said on Sunday that it had used high-precision missiles and destroyed the hangar in Odesa, Ukraine stockpiling the munitions from the US and Europe delivered to Ukraine. 

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Sunday told the Ukrainians said that she would not be threatened by Kremlin and that the US will not stop supplying Ukraine with the weapons. “Do not be bullied by bullies,” said the US House Speaker during her visit to Ukraine. 
“Let me speak for myself, do not be bullied by bullies. If they are making threats, you cannot back down,” Pelosi said.
Chair of the US house intelligence committee, Adam Schiff, said: “This is first and foremost about Ukraine but it’s not only about Ukraine. This is about a dictator in the Kremlin making war like it is world war two all over again with a massive invasion of his neighbour and he must be stopped.
“We are prepared to give Ukraine all the support necessary to stop this”
In this image released by the Ukrainian Presidential Press Office Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, centre right, and US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi shake hands during their meeting in Kyiv, Ukraine, Saturday. Credit: AP
The fire in at least two oil depots just across the Ukrainian border in Russia continued after the suspected Ukrainian attack. Photos and videos show damages at two sites in Bryansk. Multiple tanks had blasted in the attacks, setting off a massive fire and charring the grounds in the close proximity. 
The explosions had taken place on Monday. One hit an oil depot owned by Transneft-Druzhba, a subsidiary of the Russian state-controlled company Transneft that operates the western-bound Druzhba (Friendship) pipeline carrying crude oil to Europe. The second facility is a short distance from the other. Bryansk is located about 100 kilometers (60 miles) north of the border with Ukraine. 
Bryansk is a key entry point for Russian forces to the Donbass region and speculations have emerged that Ukrainians launched a missile strike. 
An explosion of an oil depot in Bryansk, #Russia near the #Ukrainian border last night

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Sunday warned the Russian soldiers not to fight “senseless war” in Ukraine. In his nightly address, Zelesnkyy said that even Moscow’s generals expect that thousands of their troops will die and yet Russia continues to wage the meaningless war on the Ukrainians. Ukraine’s leader accused Moscow of recruiting new soldiers “with little motivation and little combat experience.” 
“Every Russian soldier can still save his own life,” Zelenskyy said. “It’s better for you to survive in Russia than to perish on our land.”

Russia’s defence ministry has said that its air defence systems have shot down two Ukrainian Su-24m bombers that were flying over the Kharkiv region. Russian MoD also said that it attached the arms depot that stored the weapons supplied to Ukraine by the United States and European countries. 
Satellite photos analysed by The Associated Press show damage to oil depots just across the Ukrainian border in Russia after suspected Ukrainian attacks. The photos from Saturday show damage at two sites in Bryansk. The blasts damaged multiple tanks, leaving the surrounding grounds charred. The explosions happened Monday. One hit an oil depot owned by Transneft-Druzhba, a subsidiary of the Russian state-controlled company Transneft that operates the western-bound Druzhba (Friendship) pipeline carrying crude oil to Europe. The second facility is a short distance from the other. Bryansk is located about 100 kilometres north of the border with Ukraine.
Ukraine’s army says there is a threat of Russia carrying out missile attacks from the territory of Belarus. Speaking at a briefing on Sunday, Oleksandr Shtupun, the spokesperson of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said that Russia continues to reinforce its equipment and military force in the Slobozhansk area of the Kharkiv region.
According to Shtupun, up to 300 weaponry units and 1,000 mobilised people arrived from the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. “For the purpose of air defence of the advancing troops in four specific areas, the enemy deployed two anti-aircraft missile divisions armed with the Buk-M2 air defence system and the Tor-M air defence system,” Shtupun said.
Watch: Zelenskyy meets US House speaker Pelosi in Kyiv
‼️ U.S. House @SpeakerPelosi arrives in #Kyiv to meet with Volodymyr @ZelenskyyUa.

The British military says the Russian ruble will be used as currency in a Ukrainian city that Moscow seized earlier in the war. The British military wrote that the city of Kherson will begin a four-month transition from the Ukrainian hryvnia to the ruble starting Sunday. The British Defense Ministry said the move is “indicative of Russian intent to exert strong political and economic influence in Kherson over the long term.”
Russian forces have ‘abducted’ deputy in occupied Nova Kakhovka, Kherson Oblast, reported Kyiv Independent on Sunday. It stated that Ihor Protokovylo was kidnapped from his home on April 19, local authorities reported on May 1.
Ukraine’s Prosecutor General’s Office has stated that the Moscow-Kyiv war has killed 219 children and injured 404. According to Kyiv Independent,  Prosecutor General’s Office reported on May 1 that the figures are expected to be higher since they do not include child casualties in the areas where hostilities are ongoing and in the occupied areas.
US House of Representatives speaker visited the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv on Sunday and met with Volodymyr Zelenskyy. On US delegation’s visit to Kyiv amid Russia-Ukraine war, Pelosi said, “When we return to the United States, we will do so further informed, deeply inspired and ready to do what is needed to help the Ukrainian people as they defend democracy for their nation and for the world.”
Our Congressional Delegation traveled to Kyiv and met with @ZelenskyyUa to send an unmistakable and resounding message to the entire world: America stands firmly with Ukraine.
President Zelenskyy conveyed the need for continued security, economic & humanitarian assistance from the U. S. & our delegation delivered the message that additional American support is on the way, as we work to transform @POTUS’ funding request into a legislative package.
Our delegation will now continue our travels in Poland, where we will meet with President @AndrzejDuda and senior officials. We look forward to thanking our Polish allies for their dedication and humanitarian efforts.

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