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Wealthlandnews June 14, 2022
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Data breaches and cyberattacks rose by an alarming 15.1% in 2021 compared to 2020, and the numbers are predicted to rise further. Cloud data storage also can’t guarantee optimum security- as per a recent report (Thales Cloud Security Report 2022), 45% businesses have reported attacks on cloud-stored data. However, a London-based company, EnCloak, speaks of hope- the company has recently launched a breakthrough dedicated and custom encryption hardware, EnCloak HIDE, that assures highest-level security for data stored on both computers and cloud through industry-leading AES-256 encryption.
The campaign is geared to raise around $24,991 by July 8, 2022.

Empowered with a cutting-edge patented design, EnCloak HIDE carries a 7GB encrypted disk drive that is designed to encrypt, conceal, and store confidential data under optimum security. Disguised as a regular USB flash drive, EnCloak HIDE is like that stealth weapon that would keep all sensitive documents safe yet without letting anyone know (other than the user). The custom encryption hardware is compatible with all computers and OS, and even works in a corporate setup. Users do not need to install any app or software or sign up with a cloud service to use EnCloak HIDE.
“With data breaches surging with each passing year, data safety is more than a priority now. It’s especially crucial in the modern digital-driven world where we tend to store not just professional but also personal confidential documents in digital files. This is where our EnCloak HIDE comes to help”, stated Ray Gordon, the founder of EnCloak.
The state-of-the-art encryption hardware has been equipped with industrial-grade eMMC memory to ensure improved performance, robustness, and credibility.
“EnCloak HIDE is uniquely designed to make data and document encryption easier than ever for everyone. Armed with AES-256 encryption and our patented design, our product assures most advanced encryption security and that too without backdoors.”
The star of EnCloak Hide is its hidden partition that stores and guards all sensitive data, discreetly protected by most premium encryption. The hardware pretty much functions as any standard USB flash drive and will never reveal the hidden partition to a user. The hidden part can only be opened through a pre-decided set of credentials that the user will set while setting the hardware for the first time.

Top features and benefits of EnCloak Hide:
EnCloak has also come up with a corporate version of their encryption hardware for team use, called EnCloak CONNECT.
“There is a dire need of a tool that can assure the safest protection for your sensitive data and that too without making things overly complicated- and also not burning a hole in your pocket. EnCloak HIDE ticks all the checkboxes here. As of now, we are looking for a mass production- hence, this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring EnCloak HIDE to life and make things safer than ever for our confidential data.”
Backers will be rewarded with exclusive Kickstarter discounts on EnCloak devices. To show your support for the campaign, please visit Kickstarter
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Company Name: EnCloak
City: London
Country: United Kingdom

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