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Wealthlandnews June 23, 2022
Updated 2022/06/23 at 8:02 PM

Philadelphia, PA, USA – June 23, 2018; Children on a float wave to the crowd during the annual Juneteenth parade in Center City Philadelphia, PA, on June 23, 2018. The Juneteenth Independence Day or Freedom Day commemorates the announcement of abolition of slavery on June 19, 1865.
Today, June 19, is celebrated as Juneteenth in America. But, since the occasion falls on a Sunday, the celebration is observed on Monday, June 20.
In 2022, Juneteenth, also known as Emancipation Day or Freedom Day, collides with Father’s Day and Twitter is celebrating the weekend with some of the most interesting, as well as funny, memes.
The day is also observed as a federal holiday after president Joe Biden signed a bill in 2021 to make the Juneteenth National Independence Day Act a law last year.
Several organizations offer their employees paid leave on this day if they wish to celebrate and may work during shortened hours.
The popular celebrations include prayers, delicious food, and family gatherings along with several outdoor activities.
But, there is no lack of memes and GIFs on the Internet to make your Juneteeth experience more fun, even if you’re home taking the day off.
So here are some of the funniest and most interesting Juneteenth 2022 memes.
Bye, Bye weekend…
Happy Father’s Day! Happy Juneteenth! Happy 3 day weekend!
“Also note, doing nothing is a perfectly valid way to celebrate. Get your behind some rest!”
Also note, doing nothing is a perfectly valid way to celebrate. Get your behind some rest! #Juneteenth #Juneteenth2022
Show some extra love…
Idk Juneteenth and Father’s Day falling on the same day should mean extra love for black fathers but idk
No, she isn’t…
Beyoncé is at the Juneteenth celebration on CNN. 🥺
I feel extra elevated: Pride + Juneteenth
The message is important
#Juneteenth is finally a federal holiday, but instead of just enjoying another day off of work, we need to ensure that the history of this holiday isn’t being forgotten.
The government think they funny having Juneteenth fall around Father’s Day.
Happy Juneteenth and Father’s Day
“Firework companies when they found out Juneteenth was a national holiday:”
Firework companies when they found out Juneteenth was a national holiday:
Okay Roots 👊🏾👏🏾❤# #Juneteenth #CNN #HollywoodBowl
Time to show some moves…
Waiting for my boys on Juneteenth. EARTH WIND & 🔥
Oh no!
It’s Juneteenth today & I had Mexican food for dinner
The majority of the banks and the Board of Governors are closed on June 20.
There will also be no delivery of mail on Monday as the U.S Post Office will be closed.
USPS website notes: “Beginning in 2022, the Postal Service will recognize the Juneteenth National Independence Day as a holiday eligible to full-time and part-time career employees.”
Restaurants and supermarkets will remain open, but some stores may work different hours. We suggest you call the local store if you’re planning to go shopping.
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