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This semi-new Stranger Things character quickly became a fan favorite. Let’s take a look at some memes that perfectly encapsulate Robin’s character!
Netflix’s Stranger Things is gearing up for the final episodes of season 4 and though many characters have stood out so far, Robin might sit at the top. It can normally be quite difficult for new characters to make their way into an already solidified group but the series knows how to effectively introduce new lovable people each season, with Robin stealing the show when she debuted in season 3.
Robin Buckley blessed viewers everywhere when she first appeared as Steve’s coworker at the mall’s ice cream shop and the rest is history. She had an incredible character evolution and quickly became a fan favorite, taking the internet by storm and even providing Twitter with great meme material.
dustin and suzie singing a never ending story while robin and steve are being chased by a demogorgan in a car stranger things reaction video meme
One would think that being chased by a terrifying Mind Flayer would scar said person for life, but Robin and Steve had seen it all. Not to mention the two were a little distracted by Dustin and Suzie’s unexpected, yet iconic, walkie-talkie duet of “Never Ending Story.”
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The clip quickly became a meme among the fanbase for how well it sums up Steve and Robin’s state of mind by the end of season 3. Robin had come a long way from slinging ice cream to being chased by creatures from the Upside Down, yet she surprisingly handled it with grace.
steve harrington and robin buckley:
This meme from The Office is quite spot on with the same epiphany Robin had with Steve upon discovering he’s friends with children. Though it was surprising for her initially, the context made more sense, as the whole town of Hawkins is essentially intertwined, plus those few that actually know about the Upside Down tend to stick together.
After spending more time with Steve by translating Russian and various spy missions, Robin also quickly learned that kids like Erica and Dustin are smarter than adults give them credit for. After all, these kids do solve mysteries quicker than any law enforcement or government officials did.
shoutout to stranger things for being the only show to have robin buckley and nancy wheeler in it
Fans finally got the pleasure of seeing Robin and Nancy work together in season four and they haven’t shut up about it. With Nancy being an intellectual and more serious asset to the group, it only made sense for Robin to bring the entertainment value.
Their dynamic was a little rocky in the beginning, but once they got past their personal grudges, fans actually loved them together as a girl-power duo. As the friends’ circle gets bigger, viewers actually find themselves learning to love each and every character in the show, which is part of why Stranger Things is so special.
robin buckley you will always be famous #StrangerThings
It’s no secret that some fans believe Robin is the best character on the show, from her epic comebacks to her hilarious remarks. However, she developed quite the character arc between seasons 3 and 4.
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In season 3, fans met Robin at a time in her life when she was quite sassy and frustrated with the world. It wasn’t until she got closer to Steve that she found her true friends and flourished into the funny and likable character she’s known as today.
Robin from stranger things with her whiteboard has quickly become my new favorite meme. My colleagues have certainly noticed this since I have currently posted at least 7 custom versions of it in our slack.

I might have a problem,please send help in the form of more Robin memes.
Though Steve and Robin didn’t appear as real friends at first, the two sprouted an unlikely close friendship that many fans fell in love with. Between Steve’s humor and charm and Robin’s sarcasm and blunt nature, they just clicked.
It wasn’t always that easy, though, as Robin had a more difficult time opening up in the beginning, since they didn’t think they had much in common. However, thanks to Dustin, Steve became more open-minded with his feelings toward Robin and those walls came down, enabling them to become closer friends.
if robin buckley has a million fans, i am one of them. if robin buckley has ten fans, i am one of them. if robin buckley has only one fan, it’s me. if robin buckley has no fans, that means i am no longer on this earth.
Especially after Robin becomes a more prominent character in season 4, fans can’t get enough of her. She shares more of her personality, which when it all boils down, she’s a regular relatable girl who can be a bit clumsy and talk too much.
On a deeper level, though, she has a lot to say, and she makes great observations, especially after years of being a “band geek” who typically blurs into the background. Safe to say, though, that fans only want more of her and they are glad she branched out and became her true self after finding her ride-or-die friends.
robin buckley once said
By the end of season 3, Steve and Robin had had a few heart-to-heart conversations, whether about high school stereotypes or past interactions with one another. Upon talking, they discovered that they both had the wrong impression of each other.
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Though it initially seemed like Robin had a crush on Steve back in the day, it was later revealed that Robin was talking about someone else instead, a fellow female classmate. Steve believed that he was starting to grow feelings for Robin due to their clear chemistry, but Steve got closure from their conversation and concluded that they worked best as friends anyway. She loves Steve but not in a romantic way.
me seeing people who have will byers and robin buckley as their comfort characters
Aside from Robin coming out to Steve as a lesbian in the show, she had already been welcomed with open arms by LGBTQ+ fans. Viewers also suspect that Will Byers is gay, with how he behaves around Mike Wheeler, so combined, the community is very pleased to have representation in these two characters.
Though the two characters are very likable on their own, the meme implying that fans that favor the two are also a part of the community is pretty hilarious, and maybe even spot on. Regardless, fans everywhere are excited to see how the two characters’ love lives play out in season 5.
robin buckley once said…
As previously stated, part of what makes Robin so loveable is her on-point comedic timing and sarcasm. She serves as the quintessential funny sidekick every series needs.
Although she is clearly hilarious and a real friend everyone needs in their life, she offers a perfect balance of authenticity and loyalty. Between her humor and her ability to be a reliable friend, fans love her as a multi-dimensional character that would typically only exist for comedic relief, and fans are grateful she was given a more significant role in the show.
if they even think about ruining this beautiful friendship they have i will NEVER forgive the duffer brothers
With the release of Season 4: Volume 2 looming, fans are increasingly more paranoid that their favorite duo will be stripped away by Vecna. After Noah Schnapp revealed in an interview with Jimmy Fallon that someone will die, viewers are definitely feeling uneasy.
Considering Robin is the newest and least experienced addition to the group, fans don’t have too much faith in her, even though it’s entirely possible she can make it out alive. One thing is for sure, though, and that’s that fans will definitely riot if the dynamic duo of Robin and Steve are ripped apart.
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