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USCENTCOM Innovation Oasis Competition
Do you have an innovative solution to a particular problem?
Ever wanted to pitch your idea to leadership and see it come to fruition?

Now is your chance…
We are looking for all ideas, BIG and Small, tech-based solutions, policy revisions, new ways of thinking. Send us a problem you've identified and the full solution you've developed to
Open to all Servicemembers and DoD/Service Civilians
Top Innovators will be selected to come to Tampa and pitch their ideas in a Shark Tank-style competition!
The Winning Innovator will get:
Email your idea to:
Submission Deadline is September 16th, 2022
What is CENTCOM Innovation Oasis?
The Innovation Oasis is a “Shark Tank”-like innovation competition that will highlight select servicemembers and civilian ideas, inventions, and processes to be presented for possible implementation. You know the show "Shark Tank" so you get the idea. We'll select the best five of the ideas submitted to for presentation to our panel of technical and military experts on Wednesday, October 12th.
How will ideas be selected for presentation to the panel?
The CENTCOM Innovation Oasis team will screen every submission. The five submissions with the greatest potential to improve operations, policy, or the lives of our troops will be selected for presentation.
What is the purpose of this platform?
General Erik Kurilla, CENTCOM commander, has identified the Culture of Innovation as a key priority and desires to recognize, embrace, elevate and leverage the ideas of service members from across the command. We’re all going to have to innovate, to develop new ways of looking at old problems, to reset the way we think.
Well, those ideas don’t come from the top. They don’t come from the 4th floor of the CENTCOM headquarters building. And military brass do not have a monopoly on new ideas.
Some of the best ideas are already lurking inside US military formations. They live amongst us, but they are hidden away by military structure and bureaucracy.
Great ideas are tucked away in a hangar bay somewhere in Shaw Air Force Base. They are locked down inside a cubicle right here on this campus. They are closed from view in a weapons squad in one of our ground units. Some are hidden away in the bowels of an aircraft carrier.
Are there moderators for the presentation?
Like the television series ‘Shark Tank’, there will be a panel of judges who will decide on the ideas presented. These judges include top executives from Google, SpaceX, and NASA, as well as senior uniformed leaders from across the U.S. military.
Who’s eligible to participate in the event?
Any service member — active duty, Reserves, or National Guard — may submit an idea. Any DoD civilian or service civilian may submit an idea.
What prize does the winner receive?
The winner will receive a service award, four-day pass and the opportunity to implement their idea across the command.
When and where is the event being held?
The event is on October 12th at noon (EST) at CENTCOM Headquarters.
Where can we send our ideas?
All ideas need to be submitted to You must submit your idea prior to noon on September 16th.
Who must approve my idea before I submit?
No one. Send it in.
What’s required to send in an idea?
Your idea must highlight a problem and propose a solution. The panel will need to see some sort of visual presentation (Powerpoint, diagram, Prezi, video) displaying what it looks like in implementation. The visual presentation must contain the problem you want to solve and the solution.
Am I allowed to market for my business on the outside with my idea?
The simple answer is no. This platform is not to be used as a marketing tool for your outside interests.
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