Mr. Osagie Ekhorutomwen of Let Love Lead Foundation For The Vulnerable – Visits LEA Primary School TAFA LGA, Niger State

Wealthlandnews September 10, 2022
Updated 2022/09/13 at 8:52 AM

Mr. Osagie Ekhorutomwen is a UK based Nigerian entrepreneur and a civil engineer. He founded and established Richwood Carpentry Ltd in 2005 and it was incorporated in the United kingdom in 26 August 2020. He is also the president of Richwood Property Global Trade Investment Club Ltd. Richwood Carpentry Ltd has become a household name when it comes to building construction and property investment in the United Kingdom. Mr. Osagie Ekhorutomwen and his team of Let Love Lead Foundation For The Vulnerable. Visited LEA Primary School Dakwa, TAFA LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA IN NIGER STATE. This is one of the many rural areas Mr. Osagie Ekhorutomwen will be visiting while he is in Nigeria for his annual visits.The school is home to the Internally Displaced Children in Nigeria as a result of the terror of BokoHaram in the northern part of Nigeria. This children came from state such as: Maiduguri, Borno, Taraba, Katsina, Gombe, Benue State.The school house over 2,500 internally displaced children without parents or home to return to after the close of school.The school is also challenge with low work force, teachers lacking necessary materials required for teaching. The school lack chalk, writing board, sitting chairs for learners or teachers. The school is without security or protection the elements during a rainy day or a sunny day.Let Love Lead Foundation For The Vulnerable have through the support and help from Richwood Carpentry Limited UK. Provided: Chairs, School Uniforms, Exercise Books, Textbooks in various subject, generator and projector and screens and also computers for advanced learning.The arm and objectives of BokoHaram is to limit the average Nigeria child from the wealth and knowledge of the west.

Thus the meaning of BokoHaram, western education is sin.Let Love Lead Foundation For The Vulnerable is ready and willing to do more with support from UN(The office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) and the general public. One of our focus is the building and construction of Houses, Schools and Free Hospital Facilities ensuring that the housing, education, health care of these children is no longer a concern even though that they’re Internally Displaced Persons. These camps will be built in Benin City and in Abuja to help reduce the pain and sufferings of these displaced person’s. Mr. Osagie Ekhorutomwen is genuine philanthropist, who is passionate about people everywhere. He is ready and willing to reach out to vulnerable people in areas many will dare not go. It is his vision to spread love to all, whether Christians, Muslims, Hindu or Idol worshippers. He believes that it is with love that we can win all.

Mr. Osagie Ekhorutomwen living the life of love…

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