Blockchain at its Roots is easy to understand, Here are the three components of Blockchain Technology

components of Blockchain Technology

What are the components of Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain technology is so simple to understand. Basically, the tech exists as a shared database filled with entries that must be confirmed by peer-to-peer networks and encrypted.

Blockchain technology has many more potential use cases beyond just serving as the fuel behind Bitcoin.


The technology of Blockchain is a distinctive amalgamation of twentieth-century technologies like cryptocurrency, game theory, etc. It is widely believed that Blockchain technology will be transformative in the tech and IT sector in the coming years.
I know many people are still blinded in this area, but the truth is Blockchain technology offers the following benefits –

  • Transparency
  • Unbreakable security by enhancing efficiency, minimizing operational costs, and eliminating intermediaries.

Blockchain has the ability to provide increased levels of safety, as a result of the Blockchain peer-to-peer network and cryptographic nature, all records are safe and secure. To ensure that the ledger is open and accessible, Blockchain broadcasts all transactions to all its peers.

For to the encrypted nature of the transactions, confidentiality is guaranteed.


Businesses and organisations looking for ways to serve their customers with the utmost security in all their dealings can adopt Blockchain tech.
I know many people are going on this area but the truth is that Blockchain is the most trusted technology sure to its decentralized, and distributed ledger system where all your data is secured.


Blockchain has several use cases.

  • International payments
  • Capital markets
  • Trade Finance
  • Regulatory compliance and audit
  • Money laundering protection
  • Insurance
  • Peer-to-peer transactions
  • Health care Blockchain intermediaries killer. No need for intermediaries.

Understand that by using Blockchain, two parties in a transaction can confirm and complete something without working through a third party. This has a way of saving time as well as the cost of paying for an intermediary, a bank for example.

The Component of Blockchain

Blockchain has three major components! It consists of three important concepts :

    Blockchain is a promising revolutionary technology because it ha helps in reducing risk, stamps out fraud, and brings transparency in a scalable way for myriad uses.