How to use the 4 dimensions of wealth – riches and money to become successful in life

Understanding the 4 Dimensions of wealth – riches and money

You cannot understand the dimensions of wealth, riches, and money unless you first have a better understanding of the four dimensions within humans.

As humans, you must understand that we are made up of four dimensions and this is what we will be looking at in the course of this article.

What are the 4 Dimensions?

(1 ) There’s the Spirit Dimension of a Man

(2) The Cognitive and Affective Dimension of a Man

(3)The Physical (Psychomotor) Dimension of a Man

(4) Then there’s the Social Dimension of a Man

Before we go further, please note that wealth, riches, and money has their hidden roots in the first and second dimensions of a man which are his spirit (heart), and soul (cognitive and affective).

First, the human spirit must believe and agree that wealth, riches, and money are indeed a blessing from above (God), to all humans and not just some special people.

Now, once the human heart accepts and believes this to be true, the cognitive and affective dimensions are set in motion to begin to design the skeletal system of wealth, riches, and money right there in your human mind.

The work of the third dimension of our nature is to work tirelessly in giving self-existence bodies to our mind’s designs by forming or giving those our mind’s designs, the required knowledge and wisdom to create wealth.

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The work of the human social dimension which is the last one is to display, showcase, rank, and give you class and standards to be able to operate in wealth.

Moving forward, there are other factors you must know that play a vital role in understanding the dimensions of a man.

  • Poverty Reveals the State of our Inner Being

Many people are blinded in this area, but the truth is that poverty reveals a man’s belief, thinking, and reasoning. It unveils the positioning of his very affections, his reception, his response, and the value he places on the subject of wealth, riches, and the “freedom papers” called Money. Poverty can reveal also the condition of a man’s social life.

  •  The Vice of Poverty

One wicked thing about poverty is that, if it is not dealt with on time it can poison the whole four dimensions of a man’s being, bringing out the evil vices of wicked behavior; instead of bringing out virtue that demonstrates outwardly a man’s good deeds, thoughts, love, compassion, kindness, loyalty, and justice, and so on; which are the perfect examples for virtue that brings goodness, peace, joy, and happiness that enables people to live together in peace.

A man with vices will produce a bad character of cruelty, unkindness, greed, malice, etc which makes it impossible for them to control wealth and be successful in life.

To become successful in life, you must understand these 4 dimensions and use them to your advantage.