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Before you can lay hold on God’s kingdom wealth, you must first be exposed to the knowledge of his kingdom wealth. So then, knowledge becomes the keyword when it comes to wealth, because wealth comes only to those who have the knowledges of it especially in the following areas.

(1) They know the true definition of wealth

(2) They know that wealth is a gift from God

(3) They understand how to obtain wealth

(4) They know that wealth is entrusted into the hands of those who have the knowledge and wisdom of what to do with it

(5) They know the instruction for the wealthy

(6) That man is simply a steward of God’s wealth.


The word wealth is simply defined as the sub total value, of all the assets of worth owned by a person.

Originally, the meaning of wealth was to possess good qualities, values and virtues . In essence, a person wishing to be wealthy must always be thinking in terms of all the things he wants and needs, what are we saying ?

Simple, the person that wants to possess wealth should first of all work on enriching his soul with good qualities, values, virtues as these will help to sustain and preserve his wealth. It is the same thing as when the Bible says “ the integrity of the upright shall preserve him” which can be seen in the book of proverbs.

A wealthy person is one who is blessed with adequate physical possessions to live well and flourish as one who is created in the image of God, and after his likeness, this also requires that this person must possess a good heart attitude towards the purpose of those possessions.

He has in his possessions, prosperities such as real estate, buildings, business holdings, and abundance supply of money which he can spend at will. The word “wealthy” comes from the base word “wealth” which was derived from the Middle English word “wele” meaning “well-being” the wele was first known in the 14th century to refer to wealth. There’s a difference between wealth and riches though it is mostly used interchangeably. I just want you to see the difference.

Writer: Faith Mnena Ogar-Donald




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