AA Momodu – A Self Published Author of More Than 20 Books

Abraham Adenoghie Momodu popularly known as AA Momodu is a young Nigeria from the South-South Geopolitical Zone. He’s from Edo State, born in Porthacourt, Rivers State of Nigeria.

In an interview with AA Momodu, he opened about his struggles with reading and writing growing up as a child. He was unable to read or write properly for a most part of his life. But eventually when he got into the university that struggle was over, as he began to read and write.

AA Momodu wrote his first book in 2010 but was unable to publish it due to the ash conditions for book publishing. You’ve to have money and people willing to support the publishing of your literature before you can venture into writing and publishing. However that didn’t stop AA Momodu from persisting and persevering for 10years. He was able to publish his first book on Amazon in November 22 2021, titled: Grace Commission, thanks to Amazon Kindle Publishing. A self publishing platform for publishers such as AA Momodu.

AA Momodu has been able to publish 23 books between November 22 2020 – February 10 2022. Most of which are:

Days of Healing – 2020

The Grace Commission – 2020

Saving Humanity – 2021

Your Mouth Your Miracle – 2021

The More You Think – Volume 1 – 2021

The More You Think – Volume 2 – 2021

The More You Think – Volume 3 – 2021

The More You Think – Volume 4 – 2021

The More You Think – Volume 5 – 2021

The Name of Jesus – 2021

The Covenant – 2021

Blessed and Forever a Blessing – 2021

Scriptures That Changed My Life – 2021

Understanding The Immensurability of God – 2021

Communion: Communication the Kingdom – 2021

Through The Eyes of Naomi – 2021

The Necessity of Power – 2021

The More You Think – Volume 6 – 2022

The Book of Psalms 19 – 2022

The Pursuit of God’s Interests 2022

The Ascended Life – 2022

Forgiveness for Forgiveness – 2022


This is a noble feat because not too many young Nigerians are going about looking for ways to impact and to improve humanity. That’s why we at Wealth Land News dedicated a page to tell the story of this young man doing great things from the most unlikely environment.

Nowadays that many young Nigerians are involved in internet fraud and all sorts of money laundering scams here and there. We find one amongst many putting his mind to creating a timeless intellectual property such as these. We salute your courage and perseverance AA Momodu, keep on the good works.